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Featured Products
Slide Tray Box complete with 12 Slide Trays

Slide Tray Box complete with 12 Slide Trays£17.85

Box for 9 slide trays 

High quality black cloth covered cardboard box to accept R10050-E Trays.  The box has a fall-front and drop-on lid and is supplied complete with 12 x R10050-E Trays.  Made in England.

Product Code: R10051-E


Black Hinged Slide Box to hold 100 Slides

Black Hinged Slide Box to hold 100 Slides£27.50

Hinged Slide Box 

High quality leatherette covered card box with metal hinges and clasps.  Inside there is a wooden slide rack to take 76 x 26mm microscope slides.  Made in England.

Product Code: R10041-E

OCT Embedding Matrix, 125ml

OCT Embedding Matrix, 125ml£8.25


OCT is an ideal embedding medium for use when cutting tissue sections.

Product Code: R40020-E 

Coplin Jar, Polypropylene

Coplin Jar, Polypropylene£3.70

Polypropylene Coplin Jar 

Coplin Jar made of polypropylene with screw cap.  Break resistant with a capacity to hold up to 10 slides (76x26mm).

Product Code: R60001-E 

Slide Box, Postal - 12 Slides

Slide Box, Postal - 12 Slides£5.35

Slide box for 12 slides 

High quality heavy-duty card box with cloth covered edges and drop-on lid. Inside there is a wooden slide rack to take 12 microscope slides (76 x 26mm).  Made in England.

Product Code: R10012-E

Watchmaker's Forceps - Straight 12cm - No 3

Watchmaker's Forceps - Straight 12cm - No 3£5.80

No 3 Straight 12cm, Brushed stainless steel forceps

With smooth arms and very fine point

Product Code: R35203-E 

Laboratories supplies and Equipment - Histology Products - laboratory supplies uk - Pathology Laboratory supplies

Pyramid Innovation Ltd, is a UK based company.  The founder members of the company were formerly the management and design team for the company that developed the first automated slide and cassette printers.  

There is no minimum order level and where possible we aim to ship the same day as the order.  Our intention is to add to our range by developing new innovative products.

We will build our range of histology equipment, microscope slide (glass slide) and tissue cassette storage, laboratory supplies, staining troughs, post mortem knives, Swann Morton PM40 and scalpel blades, scalpels and accessories, slides, PAP pens and cover slips.  Slide storage trays made in the UK,

Please call for quantity pricing and to open an account.

We called the company Pyramid Innovations because we aim to develop smart products that communicate with each other and to our Pyramid Hub.   

We design, develop and manufacture innovative products utilizing the latest materials and technology.  The thread that runs through our products is the ability to operate as stand-alone devices or as part of a system.

Smart devices that link together.


Watch this space....