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Black Hinged Slide Box to hold 100 Slides

Hinged Slide Box 

High quality leatherette covered card box with metal hinges and clasps.  Inside there is a wooden slide rack to take 76 x 26mm microscope slides.  Made in England.

Product Code: R10041-E


Liquid Blocker Mini PAP Pen - 2mm Tip

Mini PAP Pen

Smaller version of the PAP pen with a finer tip.

Product Code: R62001-E 




Black Biopsy Insert Pad, Pack/1000

Biopsy Inserts 

Foam pad inserts cut to the size of a processing cassette chamber.

Product Code: R40011-E 


Blue Biopsy Insert Pad, Pack/1000

Foam pad inserts

Cut to the size of a processing cassette chamber.

Product Code: R40010-E


Stackable Block and Slide Storage Cabinets

Stackable Paraffin Block and Microscope Slide Storage Cabinets.

Metal cabinets designed to be stackable.

All units can be purchased separately.  All units designed to stack together.

  •  Top cover
  • 14 Drawer paraffin block cabinet
  • 14 Drawer microscope slide cabinet
  • Base unit


£5.00  -  £89.00

Slide Tray Box complete with 12 Slide Trays

Box for 9 slide trays 

High quality black cloth covered cardboard box to accept R10050-E Trays.  The box has a fall-front and drop-on lid and is supplied complete with 12 x R10050-E Trays.  Made in England.

Product Code: R10051-E



Cork Disks - 20mm Diameter x 3mm thick

Cork disks for cryostat use.

Pack 100 

Product Code: R30001-E 


Small Glass Trough With Glass Lid

Moulded Soda lime glass trough with drop-on glass lid.

Product Code: R60019-E 



HistoBond® Adhesive Microscope Slides, Twin Frosted - BOX/100

Adhesive slides HistoBond®

Frequent washing when carrying out immuno-histochemical stains sometimes causes tissue sections to float off slides or cells to be lost from smear preparations. HistoBond® slides solve these problems.
  • HistoBond® slides are ideal for in-situ hybridization
  • Even problematic tissues such as brain or spinal cord can be processed with the aid of HistoBond® slides in routine histology
Product Code: R520001-E 
No Minimum order level - Call for quantity pricing 



24x24x5mm Metal Base Moulds, PACK/5

Single reusable stainless steel moulds for processing cassettes.

Product Code: R40004-E 


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