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Closed Shank Scissors, 13cm Sharp/Sharp

Closed shank scissors

Made from stainless steel with straight blades.

Product Code:R35105-E


Open Shank Scissors

Fine pointed stainless steel scissors

With straight blades.

£2.78  -  £3.05

Square & Rectangle Cover Glasses Thickness No. 1.5

Square & Rectangle Cover Glasses 

Marienfeld Superior Cover Glasses feature excellent flatness and smooth surfaces thanks to the best material being used. No Cover Glasses made of soda lime glass match the quality of the Marienfeld borosilicate glass Cover Slips.

Two-part boxes containing 100 pieces:

Call for quantity pricing


£2.70  -  £4.67

Dissection Forceps, 13cm Toothed Points

Toothed Forceps 

Stainless steel forceps with machined grip on arms with toothed points.


Tray 24-Slide

Tray for 24 slides 

Heavy-duty card tray with cloth hinged flaps to completely cover the slides.  The tray has four compartments to accept microscope slides of various sizes.  Made in England

Produce Code: R10031-E



Fine Forceps, Straight Point

Fine pointed stainless steel forceps

With G-pin and machined grip on arms.

£2.42  -  £3.88

Wash Bottle, Oval 500ml

Wash Bottle

Oval 500ml

Product Code: R63001-E 


Scalpel Handle No 4 - Stainless Steel

No 4 Stainless Steel Graduated Scalpel Handle

130mm Length

Product Code: R32004-E


Stainless Steel - Scalpel Handle No 3

No 3 Stainless Steel Graduated Scalpel Handle

120mm Length

Product Code: R32003-E


Laboratory Markers - permanent

Lab Marker 

The multi-purpose laboratory marker writes on almost any glass, plastic or paper surface.  With this permanent marker you can label, for example, microscope slides, embedding cassettes, Petri dishes and CDs.

Product Code: R60002-E

    £2.00  -  £21.00

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