NSH 2018 On-demand Cassette Printer

Monday, 10 September 2018  |  Admin

NSH 2018 - True on demand cassette printer


We will be showing our new on-demand cassette printer for the first time at the National Society for Histotechnology in St Louis, MO.

Laboratories are asking for smaller faster printers that can easily fit at the grossing workstation. Printing at point of use has been proven to reduce the number of labelling errors within the laboratory. The Pyramid Innovation On-Demand cassette printer is a next generation printer that brings together all the essential elements required for On-Demand printing. It is small, fast, quiet and easy to use.

Print Speed -The Pyramid Innovation cassette printer can print fastone cassette every five seconds, provides cassettes to the grossing technician, keeping pace with routine workflow.

Small Footprint – A footprint of a letter size sheet of paper, about the same size as the Pyramid Innovation slide printer, meaning it is easily integrated into the grossing workstation. The printer has a built in Linux PC and color touchscreen to provide the same simple user interface found on other Pyramid Innovation products. The integrated barcode scanner and touch screen eliminate the need to connect and configure devices making setup fast and easy.