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Super PAP Pen Liquid Blocker - Regular - 4mm Tip

Super PAP Pen 

The latest PAP Pen is still a superior hydrophobic liquid that creates a secure boundary on glass and plastic around a tissue specimen during IHC procedures.  The fluid flows as a light blue on the slide and easier to see than the original (clear) PAP pens.

Product Code: R62002-E 


£39.00   £44.00

Laboratory Markers - permanent

Lab Marker 

The multi-purpose laboratory marker writes on almost any glass, plastic or paper surface.  With this permanent marker you can label, for example, microscope slides, embedding cassettes, Petri dishes and CDs.

Product Code: R60002-E

    £2.00  -  £21.00

    Mega Slides, Plain - 1.0mm Thickness, Box/50

    Mega Slides

    Plain 76 x 38mm or 76 x 52mm
    1.0mm Thickness


    £8.20  -  £9.05

    Bristle Brush

    Bristle brush with metal mount and wooden handle.

    Two sizes available - No. 4 or No. 6 

    £2.52  -  £2.73

    HistoBond® Adhesive Microscope Slides, Twin Frosted - BOX/100

    Adhesive slides HistoBond®

    Frequent washing when carrying out immuno-histochemical stains sometimes causes tissue sections to float off slides or cells to be lost from smear preparations. HistoBond® slides solve these problems.
    • HistoBond® slides are ideal for in-situ hybridization
    • Even problematic tissues such as brain or spinal cord can be processed with the aid of HistoBond® slides in routine histology
    Product Code: R520001-E 
    No Minimum order level - Call for quantity pricing 


    £15.78   £15.52

    HistoBond®+ Adhesive Microscope Slides - BOX/100

    HistoBond®+ Slides

    Combine the characteristics of the HistoBond® line with frosted ends but are printed in various colours.  

    Markings contrast especially well with the bright colours of HistoBond®+ slides' printed ends. This improves the secure identification of specimens.

    No Minimum order level - Call for quantity pricing 

    £18.15  -  £18.40

    Liquid Blocker Mini PAP Pen - 2mm Tip

    Mini PAP Pen

    Smaller version of the PAP pen with a finer tip..

    Product Code: R62001-E 



    £23.50   £26.00

    Microscope Slides, Thickness Approx 1 mm with 90° Ground Edges BOX/50

    Microscope Slides


    High quality glass slides with ground edges made from soda lime glass.  Dimensions approximately 76 x 26mm, Thickness 1.0mm.  Compliant with DIN ISO 8037/1.  No Minimum order level - Call for quantity pricing 

    £2.55  -  £3.10

    PARA/Gard™ Paraffin Repellent - Pack/6

    PARA/Gard Paraffin Repellent -

    liquid paraffin repellent

    A specifically formulated repellent to keep paraffin from sticking to laboratory surfaces. It can also be used to clean or provide a barrier on metal, wood and plastic surfaces in paraffin cluttered areas. Best sprayed onto a cloth or tissue and then applied as a thin coating to effected surfaces. Not recommended for use on microtome blades, blade holders or base moulds that come into direct contact with specimen ribbons as PARA/Gard™ will dissolve the paraffin section.


    Pi Slide Printer

    True On-Demand Slide Printer

    Slide Labeller - Slide Marker

    The Pi Slide Printer is small, fast and easy to use. 

    It has been designed to fit in with how you work and delivers printed slides on-demand in under 4 seconds. 


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