Tissue Capture Pen

22 October 2013  |  Admin

The Tissue Capture Pen improves section attachment to glass slides during immunohistochemical staining

It creates a sticky surface on the glass slide ideally suited for paraffin or frozen section attachment. The Tissue Capture Pen greatly improves section adherence throughout long immunostaining protocols. It can be used in conjunction with the Super Pap Pen Liquid Blocker R62002-E or the Mini Pap Pen Liquid Blocker R62001-E which reduce the amount of antibody needed during labeling.


  • Provides a sticky membrane on slide
  • Prevents the tissue from moving, wrinkling or falling off the slide
  • Flattens the section and eliminates the need for hot water extension
  • Suitable for microwave protocols
  • Use with Liquid Blocker Pen for small scale cultures
  • Suitable for in-situ hybridization