Aqueous Mounting Medium 

19 November 2013  |  Admin

Aqueous Mounting Medium  

The Mount-Quick™ "Aqueous" Mounting Medium was developed and optimized for immuno staining and applications in immuno histochemistry. It is very a fast drying thin film medium used to adhere a coverslip to a microscope slide which can then be immediately examined by light microscopy. Supplied in a dropper bottle which eliminates the messy transfer of mounting media from a large container to a small jar for individual sample use and of course, eliminates the waste of unused media. The amount dispensed can be controlled without the use of other droppers or glass rods and its low viscosity enables the medium to flow easily and acts as an inhibitor to the formation and entrapment of air bubbles.


  • Viscosity: 33 cps at 25°C
  • Drying time: Approximately ten minutes


  • Organic Aqueous

Shelf life:

  • One year after receipt of product


  • 30 ml each bottle