Sample Tracking

26 September 2015  |  Admin

Sample Tracking

Most errors in the laboratory are due to mis-labeled or mis-identified cassettes, tissue pots and slides. The Pi Tracking System performs quality control checks ensuring specimen security and sample integrity through standard laboratory processes. 

The Hub is at the centre of the Pi Tracking System.  It connects the individual tracking points and printers into an integrated system.  The Hub manages flow of data to and from the connected devices with all data saved to its central SQL database.

Pi printers and tracking points are designed to automatically connect to the Pi Hub.  The user can create a system to suit their requirements adding to it as and when required.  A system can start with a single printer or tracking point. 

Tracking points and printers have built-in scanners and software designed specifically for their process.  Adding a new printer or tracking point to the system is plug and play.


The Hub monitors and displays the connected devices in real time.  The central SQL database stores incoming data from third party systems (LIS) and tracking data from connected tracking points and printers.


The data generated provides accuracy metrics and efficiency reports that enable the laboratory manager to automate reporting. The Pi Tracking System promotes lean workflow increasing operational efficiency and increased sample accuracy thereby reducing the production costs to the laboratory.


The Pi Hub can interface to third party systems using the Pi Gateway application.  The Gateway provides the user with the ability to interface with LIS data.  The Gateway also provides a suite of reporting functions to give managers a comprehensive view of activity within the laboratory.

If the Hub is connected to the Gateway a real-time backup of the system data is saved to the Gateway’s SQL database.  This enables the system data to be easily included in normal backup routines within the laboratory.


The Gateway has built-in management and reporting functionality to provide managers with up to the minute information on workflow and sample security.  Reports can be set to run automatically at given times.