Six hopper Cassette Printer

29 January 2020  |  Admin

On-Demand Cassette Printer with 6 Hoppers

Smart Cassette Printers

Our next generation cassette printers are designed to increase laboratory automation and fit into your workflow.  Their small size, fast speed (3 to 5 seconds) and low noise level make them ideal for printing cassettes as you need them at the grossing workstation.  Their on-demand printing capability enables cassettes to be printed as required rather than the inherent risk of batch printing.

Designed for either on-demand or batch printing the six hopper unit has a slightly bigger footprint than the single hopper unit.  The user can select cassettes from any hopper via the user interface or automatically by analysing incoming image or text based data.

Hoppers are easy to change, they simply slide on and off.  Single cassettes can be dropped into a guide just in front of the hopper.