Verification Tracking Point

26 September 2015  |  Admin

Scan - Verify - Record - Report 

Most errors in the laboratory are due to mis-labeled or mis-identified slides, cassettes and tissue pots. The Pi Verification TP performs quality control checks ensuring specimen security and sample integrity through standard laboratory processes.

The colour touch screen provides you with all the control and functionality to automatically verify and trap errors with the minimum of operator interaction.  The display is designed to operate in a similar way to a smart phone or tablet making it intuitive and easy to use.

The Pi Verification TP electronically verifies barcodes from tissue pots, cassettes and slides providing a positive match or an alert to the operator that an error has been detected.  

The data generated provides accuracy metrics and efficiency reports that enable the laboratory manager to automate reporting and identify key hotspots in the laboratory where errors are more prone and process improvements can be applied. The Pi Verification TP promotes lean workflow increasing operational efficiency and increased sample accuracy thereby reducing the production costs to the laboratory.

The flexible design and feature set of the Pi Verify Tracking Point enables it to be used as a stand-alone unit or part of the Pi Tracking System.  It does not require a PC or other computer due to its built-in software and functionality.  

Example locations

    Checks Cassettes match the tissue pot

    Checks Slides match the cassette

Slide Check Out / QA
    Checks Slides match the cassette and or request form

All Pi printers and tracking points are designed to automatically connect to the Pi Hub which is the core of the Pi tracking system.  The user can create a system to suit their requirements adding to it as and when required.  A system can start with a single printer or tracking point.

The Pi Hub can interface to third party systems using the Pi Gateway application.  The Gateway provides the user with the ability to interface with LIS data.  The Gateway also provides a suite of reporting functions to give managers a comprehensive view of activity within the laboratory.

If the Hub is connected to the Gateway a full and real-time backup of the system data is saved to the Gateway’s SQL database.  This enables the system data to be easily included in normal backup routines within the laboratory.