HistoBondŽ slides are ideal for in-situ hybridization

3 June 2013  |  Admin

Histobond - adhesive slides 

Frequent washing when carrying out immuno-histochemical stains sometimes causes tissue sections to float off slides or cells to be lost from smear preparations. HistoBondŽ slides solve these problems.

The glass surface of the HistoBondŽ slide is loaded with a permanent positive charge which fastens securely all types of section to the glass. Proteinic adhesives, which often interfere with stains and immunoreactions or have disturbing background effects, are no longer required. This improves the quality of the preparations significantly. The tissue sections adhere to the glass when subjected to frequent washing or even cooking in the microwave. In most cases, this reliable bonding makes it possible to dispense with double experiments which saves time and reduces the costs of routine section preparations in the laboratory.


  • HistoBondŽ adhesive microscope slides in compliance with DIN ISO 8037/1
  • Dimensions approx. 76 x 26 mm, Thickness approx. 1 mm
  • Silane treated surfaces
  • 90° ground edges
  • Silky frosted marking area 20mm (at one end, on both sides)
  • Pre-cleaned, ready for use
  • Autoclavable
  • Approved for in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications according to IVD directive 98/79/EC, with CE-mark, recommended best before date and batch number for comprehensive information and traceability
Product Code: R520001-E