Immunohistochemistry staining Tray.

4 November 2013  |  Admin

Immunohistochemistry staining  

Immunohistochemistry staining Tray.


The semi-disposable tray is suitable for routine staining requiring humidity.  It is also ideal for Hematology, Cytology and Microbiology laboratories.


Thetray is made from black ABS plastic capable of withstanding a wide range ofchemicals (Avoid chlorinated hydrocarbons).  The slim design makes it easyto stack trays.



The tray has four rails designed to take up to 20 slides.  The rails are topped with a polymer non-slip strip that holds the slides in place, without marking them, even when the tray is at an angle.


Each slide position has its own well for holding water without splashing, rails hold the slides above the wells ensuring that the slides do not come into contact with the water.