17 May 2013  |  Admin
Dry Dyes

We have added dry dyes to our range.

17 May 2013  |  Admin
Histology Stains

Our range now includes stains and dry dyes.

30 April 2013  |  Admin
Mini PAP Pen - Liquid Blocker

Reduces waste and enables you to divide slides into discrete areas for immunostaining, histology, cytology, cell culture, virology, microbiology. Effective for immunostaining, PAP method, ABC method, ASD method, enzyme and frozen section methods.


19 March 2013  |  Admin

The HistoBond®+ Slides combine the characteristics of the HistoBond® line with frosted ends but are printed in various colours.

7 March 2013  |  Admin
Slide Cabinets - Paraffin Block Cabinets

These new cabinets are an economical solution to microscope slide and paraffin block storage.

4 March 2013  |  Admin
Immuno Staining Tray review

Review of our new Immuno Staining Tray by Dr Samy, Queen Mary University, London

6 February 2013  |  Admin
Liquid Blocker Super PAP Pen

Newest generation of Pap Pens. Provides a secure boundary on glass and plastic around a tissue specimen during IHC procedures.

1 Comment7 January 2012  |  Admin
We are back

We are the old Raymond A Lamb team. Raymond A Lamb developed the MicroWriter range of slide and cassette printers. Raymond A Lamb was bought by ThermoFisher in 2008.

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