True On-Demand Slide Printer

3 September 2013  |  Admin

True On Demand Slide Printer

 The Pi Slide Printer is small, fast and easy to use. 

 It has been designed to fit in with how you work and delivers printed slides on-demand in under 4 seconds. 

 The colour touch screen provides you with all the control and functionality to print slides, and design layouts. 


The display is designed to operate in a similar way to a smart phone or tablet making it intuitive and easy to use.

You simply drop the slide into the top of the printer on the way to pick up the tissue from the water bath thereby ensuring you use the correct slide, true on-demand.  

Where more automation is required the Pi Printer can also be used with the optional delivery hopper and collection accessories.

The built-in scanner is designed to read difficult 2D barcodes printed directly into items such as cassettes.  You simply scan a cassette to print slides removing the need to type in data.  The scanner can be used to input data and commands to the printer.


The flexible design and feature set enables it to be used as a stand alone printer or part of a system.

As a stand-alone printer it does not require a PC or other computer due to its built in software and functionality.  However a Windows driver can be used by those who wish to drive the printer from PC based applications.

The Pi printer has built in connectivity enabling it to integrate with other Pi Printers and Tracking Points to build a system.  The Pi Hub is used to automate this process.

Watch this space…..