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Our range for immunohistochemistry includes Liquid blocker PAP pens, tissue capture pens, HistoBond slides (adhesive microscope slides) and our semi-disposable immuno Staining tray.

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Immuno Slide Staining Tray

Slide Staining Tray 

Our semi-disposable immunohistochemistry staining tray is suitable for routine staining requiring humidity. It is also ideal for Hematology, Cytology and Microbiology laboratories.

The Immuno Staining Trays are designed for refrigerator to incubator (-20° to +70° C). 

£14.50  -  £55.00  (2)

HistoBond® Adhesive Microscope Slides, Twin Frosted - BOX/100

Adhesive slides HistoBond®

Frequent washing when carrying out immuno-histochemical stains sometimes causes tissue sections to float off slides or cells to be lost from smear preparations. HistoBond® slides solve these problems.
  • HistoBond® slides are ideal for in-situ hybridization
  • Even problematic tissues such as brain or spinal cord can be processed with the aid of HistoBond® slides in routine histology
Product Code: R520001-E 
No Minimum order level - Call for quantity pricing 



Hellendahl Jar, Glass

Moulded Soda lime glass jar with drop-on lid and grooves to accept 76 x 26mm microscope slides vertically.

Product Code: R60020-E 



Mount-Quick™ Mounting Medium, Aqueous Based 30ML

The Mount-Quick™ "Aqueous" Mounting Medium

Optimized for immuno staining and applications in immuno histochemistry.

Product Code: R62010

£11.00  -  £61.45

Coplin Jar, Glass

Glass Coplin Jar 

Moulded Soda lime glass jar with drop-on lid and integral large diameter base.  The jar has grooves to accept 76 x 26mm microscope slides vertically.

Product Code: R60013-E 




Wash Bottle, Oval 500ml

Wash Bottle

Oval 500ml

Product Code: R63001-E 


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